What if we could turn back time? 

If we could turn back time, we’ll have every opportunities to make good of our mistakes. We can say and do the things we weren’t able to. Regrets will have no rooms as we could go back to those times when we feel what we had was not enough. Wouldn’t it be amazing? 

But if we could, then we would live carelessly thinking that everyday is only one of the million chances we’re entitled to. We would live as if we have all the time that we want. And every moment wouldn’t be as precious. 

Another Semester Ended! 

The semester has officially ended!  After seeing my grades, it was like I was able to breathe properly. Kidding aside, I’m so pleased to pass my subjects. Though this semester made me really anxious, it turned out to be good. The hardwork and sleepless nights (not to mention the countless cups of coffee) were all worth it.

 I decided not to take any subjects this summer. (Well, I don’t really need to enrol as I only have eighteen units left before pre-review. Yey!!) For now, I need not to worry about answering a whole chapter of accounting problems or writing a research paper. I thought that I should at least enjoy some leisure before I face my last year in college which I am expecting to be challenging (if not brain-cracking. Oops!). And so, last week I was thinking how I should spend this summer. I started to think about all sorts of fun activities but I ended up being engrossed to korean dramas that I even forgot to recharge my phone for four days. Imagine! Yes, It seems that I have forgotten about the world and I still do not have anything fixed as to my plans. By the way, hello to  Kdrama junkies out there! (Anyeong!) 

Today, I found myself sitting in a chair enjoying a book I wasn’t able to finish as I became too busy throughout the semester. It was really nice. Anyhows, I hope you all have a good time. Enjoy the summer heat!