Do I need to say a greeting like ‘hey!’ ,’what’s up! ‘ and the kind? Or perhaps the ‘how are you doing?-I’m fine and I hope you’re fine too’ melodramatic way to start this off would be alright. Well, you may reconstruct this part the way you want it to be. But whatever it is, my thoughts  right now are far more important than any of those fancy beginnings. 

So, it’s been almost twenty years since you’ve first witnessed how this world looks like. It was beautiful and nearly perfect in your innocent eyes. Aside from those childly wants, the world for you is one of the simple kinds. You don’t care about other things and enjoy every little things around. Troubles are nothing aside from not having been able to play with a toy in as much as joy is just plainly to be cuddled and kissed by your parents. I know that these memories will bring you a smile.

I remember how you used to cry so loud whenever you’re left alone.I also recall that Easter Sunday when you first realized that you’re afraid of heights. You used to drag your brothers to play with your dolls and kitchen set. And once, you got scolded for fighting with them. At thirteen, you still literally crawl going to your mother’s bed because you don’t want to sleep alone especially with the lights off. You have those big, pretty laughs brought by plain and shallow reasons. I missed that the most. They’re simply mirroring pure happiness. 

Well, who could have known you better? Yes, it has been a long time now and those years just passed by so fast. Things might have change over those years. But surely, those years have mold you to become what you are today. From an innocent child you gradually gain wisdom. From a weakling you are indeniably transforming to become stronger. From a girl you’re slowly becoming a woman just like a bud slowly opening its petal to eventually become a lovely flower. 

Those years were never easy as there were a lot of trials and obstacles that crossed your path.They often made you cry and  made you doubt but I know that you’ve grown in different ways. I hope that you will always remember and consider every learnings as a gift. The most important thing is to live with God. No matter how bad the circumstances you’re in, have faith that it is not yet the end. Keep in mind that He has a different way of granting us our wishes. It may not be wrapped in the way we expected but what’s certain is that His plans are better than ours. 

Don’t be anxious about things you should not be worried about. Just like what your father always says, if you can’t change those things, change the way you look at them.Don’t ever be afraid to fail or fall. Always remember that at the end of the day, whatever happened and wherever you go, there will always be these people who will never stop to love you. There are these people who will forever cherish you. There are these people who will always believe in you. You may fail. But the fact that you are loved by these people will never change. 

When you feel sad, remember that little girl who used to smile. When you feel you can’t go any further, remember to look back and see how far you’ve gone. When you feel like quiting, be reminded of that girl who stayed strong through those obstacles. That’s you. You made it all! There will always come a time that you’ll be challenged by different situations. Accept that life give no easy tests. In fact, it gives the hardest ones. You might want to cry as you always do, but always remember to wipe your tears and face life as strong as you can. Afterall, you are not alone. Throughout this journey, your family are on your side, your friends got your back and God is just, above. You’ll have no reason to turn your back. Everything will just be fine. Be brave enough to face even the strangest days of your life.

The world and everything that it holds is definitely beautiful. It always has despite of its ups and downs. So smile! 

Cheers to both the past that made the present possible and to the future that’s waiting to be discovered! Goodluck. 
Always here,

Your Lovely Self


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