Circus Ride

In a moment it pours joy

Unexpectedly it inflicts pain

Enigmatic that’s how it is

This place’s wealth is surprise

We do not know what it holds

Like a coaster it goes

Way up high then below

Exciting, frightening at the same

Making turns, fast and slow

That colorful world of distinct lights

Tomorrow will be one of those rides

Where uncertainties will surely rise

Afraid be not of your fears

Whatever it might be

Admiringly beautiful, this place is

So, experience it

Love it; live it

Make the most out of its bliss

‘Coz after all those turns; we got

But a chance to pass by

And experience this circus ride


Excitement hugs me tight

Every time I think of that sight

Of you coming back

With those arms open and wide

It’s been a long wait

Since the last time we waved; utter

Our goodbyes and left

We tried hard enough

Not to show each others’ tears

As we walk past our backs

And ride by the opposite ways

I had to be tolerant

For every leaves of a year

Even so they seems so hard to bear

I have patiently watch every sunset’s race;

Hoping by next dawn I wouldn’t be sick

Often I choose to revisit the frames

Of yesterdays’ witnesses of love 

And such  grand promises

Each time I could only hope

That the distance between; would never

Draw me.far; In your memories

I wish I’ll remain

For until we meet again

I’ll be here, waiting